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Glenda Gerson

the “Lifetime Achievement Mom”

You may have received a call once or twice from Glenda. More than likely, she would be asking you to bring your account with A&I up to date because, after all, she is the collections manager. She is also known as the behind-the-scenes baker of the famous pumpkin bread—the goodies maker, given out every year to our customers. Most importantly, the “Mom” of A&I’s owner Kathy Moylan.

On May 26th, 1937, Glenda Avedon was born to parents who migrated from New York to California and raised their children in The City of Angels. Before graduating from High School, she fell in love and married Barry Gerson. He went on to work for the Fire Department for many years before starting their own printing business in the ’70s.

Glenda was a former cheerleader, softball player, and Mom of three children by the time the 1960s rolled around. When asked what her childhood aspirations might have been, she said, “to be an ice skater although I was not very good at it, I loved it!” So instead of skating, she answered the call from family members who owned a print shop in Los Angeles and started to help with the paperwork and learn the business. She learned how to order paper and ink and run an accounting office which helped get her feet wet for things to come.

In the early 70’s Glenda and Barry had an opportunity to be proprietors of their very own print shop in Orange County, which became known as Universal Reprographics South. Glenda ran the upstairs accounting, HR, and billing. Soon Kathy joined the dynamic team and helped with Sales and Collections. “Having a business was tough,” Glenda remarked, “it was hard work and long hours, but I wouldn’t change a thing. We met wonderful people along the way that we still know today, and we were very lucky.” Universal Reprographics became a woman-owned business to take advantage of government contracts and opportunities.

Meanwhile, Glenda juggled balancing the books, raising her children, and fast becoming the office “Mom” to many employees. They bent her ears and cried on her shoulder from time to time. She always had an open-door policy and was ready to help when needed. Her past life had been full of fun and adventure; Glenda adamantly states she has no regrets. She considers herself incredibly lucky in her life to have traveled the world and experience things some people might never do. 

When asked about her fondest memories, she quickly admits her marriage of 66 years, her children, and her love of traveling. Glenda reminisces about places she has been with a sparkle in her eye. An outright wanderlust, Glenda will never forget the trip to Africa. She remembers this particular one like it was yesterday, even though she has traversed through unique places like Scotland, Ireland, England, and virtually all over the world. The trip most near and dear to her heart was Glenda’s two weeks living with family in Israel and Egypt.

Glenda remembers her first contact with outer space as a child watching a series called “Space Patrol” on Channel 5. We always knew this special Mom was a bit “out of this world,” a self-proclaimed “Trekkie” Glenda has been a dedicated fan of the Star Trek series since it aired in 1966. We had to ask who her favorite character actor was, and it just happens to be the handsome new Captain of the Enterprise, Chris Pine! (Swoon).

These days Glenda works behind the scenes, mostly from home, helping her daughter Kathy with whatever she needs. She is proud of what Kathy has accomplished and said she would not change a thing! Glenda helps with calls, collecting, ordering supplies, and occasionally shopping, driving, and making goodies. At 83 years young, Glenda Gerson has gotten everything she wanted of life, except maybe a visit to the Star Trek set! If she could ask for one more thing, it’s the future happiness for her children and grandchildren, continued health, mobility, and the chance to continue being a Mom to whoever needs one, in short: “Live Long and Prosper.”


Our lifetime achievement Mom is Glenda Gerson.


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