Create a Secure Digital Library For a More Productive Workplace

Turn paper into data

Paper files are no longer a viable option for most companies. These files are at risk of being destroyed, lost or inaccessible to employees; and updates can easily get lost in the fray. Let A&I scan your documents to create a secure, digitized library that enables authorized employees to view, print, download and email files 24/7. A&I will transform your paper archives into digital assets that can be backed up and preserved indefinitely.


Document Scanning

We scan contracts, plans, specs, photos and other documents to create a digital archive for your company.


File Indexing

We index documents following the protocol established to best serve your needs, enabling you to easily search for and find the documents you need.


Unify File Formats

In addition to scanning paper documents, we convert your existing digital documents into a standard file format.


Backup Files

When it comes to important documents, one backup isn’t enough. We can create multiple backup libraries and store in safe, off-site locations for disaster recovery.

What You'll Get


Real-time updates

With a digital library, your team can access company documents in real time to get the most up-to-date information 24/7.


Better alignment across your company

Share company information assets and standardize processes by creating one source of truth that every employee can reference.


A more productive workforce

Indexing and keyword search capabilities allow employees to locate documents much faster than by thumbing through rolls of plans or paper files stored in file cabinets.


Peace of mind

Minimizes the threat of lost, damaged or misfiled documents by keeping your information securely stored on servers in your office and/or a secure file-sharing and transfer service. We can host your libraries online using Citrix ShareFile, enabling you to sync, store and share files at any time from anywhere with an internet-connected device.

How it works

Step 1

We consult with your team to perform an inventory of your materials and review the quality of the original documents to determine the technical requirements based on your project specifications.

Step 2

We scan and digitize your documents, reviewing for quality control, before outputting files in the appropriate format. We’ll then name and organize the files in a digital library according to your requirements.

Step 3

We return your paper documents along with your new digital library in the method of your choice. Once we receive confirmation of your acceptance of the job, we destroy the temporary data stored at our location.


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A&I actively supports several trade organizations, and our company also holds multiple business certifications.